Selling FAQ

What is the process once my home is sold?

Once we receive the offer to purchase you will receive a letter from our office notifying you that we have the contract for sale and have started the due dilligence process. Please ask your realtor to email it to us at or fax it to 204-417-6084. Otherwise, feel free to drop it off at our office at your convenience.

When do I sign the documents for my house sale?

Short answer: Whenever it is convenient for you! Our office will contact you to set up an appointment at a time that works for you. This will have to take place before the possession date on your contract for sale.

What should I bring to my appointment?

  1. Identification: We need to photocopy your identification for the file so please bring a valid driver's license and/or passport as well as either a Manitoba Health Card, birth certificate, credit card or SIN card;
  2. A void cheque: We can direct deposit your sale proceeds and save you a trip to our office followed by a trip to your bank. Nine out of ten sale clients ask that we direct deposit their sale proceeds; and
  3. Survey and Zoning: Most contracts for sale require a person selling property to provide these to a buyer "if available". In the event you have these items in your possession please bring them in and we will send them to the buyer's lawyer.

When will we get the money from our sale?

Short answer: As soon as possible! You will receive your sales proceeds in anywhere from 1-30 days depending on several factors. We do "Protocol" closings which means we will get your funds to you within a day or two from the date of possession. Make sure to ask us if your deal qualifies for Protocol!

What will it cost for our services?

The answer depends on a wide-range of factors. We suggest that you contact our office for a specific quote. The good news is we do not require any money in advance. We do not get paid until you receive your money!


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