A Word About Realtors

I am frequently asked to handle "private" deals which means no realtors are involved. I begrudgingly agree to assist. In every case I am left to wonder: "Why not hire the professionals to deal with your biggest asset?" When asked I usually say to my clients "You don't pull your own teeth or do your own tax returns so why would you try to sell your own house?!".

Realtors are keenly aware of the market in your neighbourhood and will get the best return for you if you are selling. A good realtor will find exactly what you need for the best price if you are buying. In the event you do not know a good realtor ask us! We deal with the best in the business and want to see you maximize your sale proceeds and/ or find exactly the home you are looking for!

In conclusion, we will assist with a private transaction however given the extra time involved typically our fees are 3-4 times our standard rates. The reason is there is far more time involved in setting up a private transaction as we have to assist in drafting and presenting the offer as well as handle counter-offers, amendments, extensions of time for conditions and the removal of conditions. For all of the above reasons, it makes sense to hire a real estate professional!


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